Integrated medical records solution through the blockchain.

Leveraging the power of the blockchain to integrate medical records.

We make blockchain work in your favor.

With increased specialization of health care services and high levels of patient mobility, accessing health care services across multiple hospitals or clinics has become very common for diagnosis and treatment, particularly for patients with chronic diseases such as cancer. With informed knowledge of a patient’s history, physicians can make prompt clinical decisions for smarter, safer, and more efficient care. However, due to the privacy and high sensitivity of electronic health records (EHR), most EHR data sharing still happens through fax or mail due to the lack of systematic infrastructure support for secure, trustable health data sharing, which can also cause major delays in patient care.

How Skymed works

We propose a permissioned blockchain-based system for EHR data sharing and integration. Each hospital will provide a blockchain node integrated with its own EHR system to form the blockchain network. A web-based interface will be used for patients and doctors to initiate EHR sharing transactions. We take a hybrid data management approach, where only management metadata will be stored on the chain. Actual EHR data, on the other hand, will be encrypted and stored off-chain in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act–compliant cloud-based storage. The system uses public key infrastructure–based asymmetric encryption and digital signatures to secure shared EHR data.

Prototype 1.0 SkyMed – The Rivaldi and Company