We understand that trust is everything,

Our clients come from around the world, and creating a secure payment that works for both of us has been our top priority. Here are payments choices:

Using Upwork

We collaborated with Upwork to secure payments with our clients across the globe. Upwork will act as a third party that will hold your project funding until your website is finished.

Once we have created an agreement, we will send you a contract invitation through your e-mail. You will need to fund the project per our prior agreement. Once you had funded the project Upwork will hold your money until the website is finished, we will then create a request to release the money from you (This will require your authorization).

In this way, we will start doing the work after you funded the project, and you can release the money until you make sure everything is done.

Using Wise

Our services are based in Jakarta, Indonesia. But that doesn’t necessarily become a problem to send your payment to us, Wise is a great platform that we are using as our next payment method.

Paying with Wise is a bit different from the Upwork contract, over here, after we have made the contract with you, we will request you 50% of the payment, and you can complete the rest of it after the website is finished.

We will cover the transfer fee by deducting it from your bill.