Doesn't feel like ads. But twice powerful.

Good bye, product featuring.

Hello, emotional marketing.

Offering feeling. Instead of thing.

Recent research from Harvard said that 95% of our purchasing decisions come from the subconscious mind. People buy feeling instead of products. Targetting their subconscious mind is known to be an effective tool to hit the customer’s feelings. Over here, I’m making sure that every copy that I’ve written interact and trigger the audience’s emotions. Learn more from my case studies.

Reach wider. Impact harder.

Fidelis coffee wanted to reach a wider audience to attract new customers into its coffee shop. Instead of describing how great the coffee is over there, I offer something different, by highlighting what feeling the customers will receive over there. The campaign brought growth into the business, and it is proven to be effective.

Feeling first. Cha-ching later.

Everything we do is driven by emotions, from the moment you drink coffee in the morning to make you feel more energized, to playing video games in the evening to get the fun feeling. Over here, every advertisement that I make is designed to impact the audience’s emotions. Because every conversion started with a feeling, and every feeling will bring you closer to achieving your business goals.

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