"Since the beginning, our company has always been in the business of helping people"

It begins with 'me' instead of 'us',

I’m Kenny Rivaldi, a twenty-something-year-old guy living in Indonesia, I came with a political major background, but later then I decided to not use my degree (A very classic move coming from a youth who’s still finding his true calling).

My first job was exporting coffee beans across the globe. I was in charge of finding new buyers by crawling the internet, clicking my mouse, switching from websites to websites. I must have visited thousands of websites during my career in the exporting business.

Later, I found myself realizing how unprofessional and confusing most of the company’s websites that I have visited, I mean, how could a company website take me more than 10 minutes to find the Contact page?

From that epiphany moment, I knew that I could create much better websites and help people in growing their businesses.

Just like you, I know how hard it is to build a business.

Creating a business has always been and will always be difficult, and I know it also applies the same to you. Weighing between growing or promoting your business and your budget is not an easy thing to do.

That’s why I come up with the idea of creating a web design service that is 3x cheaper than the average. For me, there is no other greater satisfaction that money can’t buy other than being able to help people make their dream comes true.